How to Act Like A Natural Born Yooper

My brand new squirrel proof bird feeder.
(That's a turkey, in case you couldn't identify the creature.)
It's still cold and white here in the Michigan Upper Peninsula. But it's beautiful. I just love it. The one thing we all have in common up here is a real love for nature and wildlife. And it's right outside our door all the time. Deer, rabbits, turkeys, birds of all sorts, a bear here and there, and a whole mess of others, including wolves and coyotes. But they aren't usually on my doorstep. Being shy, they keep their distance and sing to each other every evening. That's the only way we know they are neighbors. Although we see tracks in the snow when we go out in the woods.

You might not be a real Yooper, but you can act like one by caring about the wildlife around your house. Put out feed for them - bird seed and corn will do the trick. And ask more questions before you buy a bird feeder. Like what about being turkey proof?


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