Blaze Orange Alert for Youse Tourists

We Yoopers are smack dab in the middle of deer hunting season in the Michigan Upper Peninsula, which I write about with Deb Baker in Murder Passes the Buck. If you hang around this area long enough, you realize that hunting is more than a sport. It's survival for us; the way we make ends meet. So wasn't I surprised when Deb's editor told us we couldn't kill any animals in our story.

"What?" I shouted (that's me, Gertie)
"I can see her point," Deb said. "Some people aren't used to our way of life."
"But they buy meat at the grocery store," I pointed out.
"It's the killing part that bothers them."
"Okay, we won't kill any deer, but can we kill people?"
Deb nodded and smiled that wicked grin that told me she was thinking about murder. "As many as we want."

So that's how we ended up writing three hunting murder mystery stories without harming a single deer or bear or turkey and you know what, I kinda liked it that way myself.

Back to deer season, hunters are running all over the woods and some of them are from Chicago or places where they don't know safety rules, so WEAR YOUR ORANGE!

And to break you in to the season, watch Escanaba in da Moonlight, Jeff Daniel's funny movie about a guy from Escanaba who still hadn't shot a buck. There's even a song and here's a little taste of it.

"Reuben, he loved hunting but he never had no luck.
After 30 years of tryin', well, he still ain't bagged a buck.
Some say he's unlucky, some say he's just cursed,
Some say when he pulled that trigger, Reuben was the worst."
~The Ballad of the Buckless Yooper~ Jeff Daniels

Oh, and read our book, Murder Passes the Buck. You'll like it.

See you at camp.


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