Michigan Upper Peninsula Pasties

Pasties!(pronounced pass-tees) We love them. For the uninitiated, pasties consist of folded pastry (like pie dough) about the size of a man's hand. It's filled with meat, potatoes, vegetables, and secret spices that vary depending on the chef's preference.
And you thought they were those little things exotic dancers wear, eh. Ha.
This is a photo of our favorite pasty shop in Escanaba. Gram's Pasties. 2418 Ludington. Anytime Deb is in the U.P. we meet there, sit on stools right at the counter, and dig in. The tradition is to douse your pasty with ketchup, but they offer gravy for the tourists, so you might as well try that, too, since you probably are just passing through. Otherwise, you'd know about Gram's already.

We (that's Gertie and Deb) have a knock-down tried-and-true recipe for pasties. If you want it, you'll just have to read Murder Grins and Bears It because the recipe is in the back. Enjoy.

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