On The Road Again, final chapter

By the time we dove into the truck and slammed the doors, some of Kitty's pin curls had sprung free. I also noticed two other strange events. One, the dog wasn't after us, he'd turned tail. Two, the cops arrived and parked me in.

"You're under arrest," one of them said to me, speaking through a tiny slit I'd made in the window.
"For what?"
"Impersonating an office, for starters."
The woman pitched in. "She tried that on me. She has some kind of badge."
"Step out of the truck."

Since I was surrounded by legal weapons I did what I was told.
"Real vicious dog," I mentioned to the woman in passing.
"Any word from Marvin?" the cop asked her.
She shook her head. "Looks like he cleared out. With that hussy."

Right then, Skipper came around the side of the house and guess what? He was carrying another boot. He dropped his find in front of the woman, who turned out later to be Marvin's common law wife.

"Stupid dog," she said.

After that, things heated up. Turns out she'd clunked Marvin on the head and buried him in a back field. Skipper was trying to communicate with the world just like Lassie used to do. He's my hero.

I'm still in trouble over the badge, but like I said earlier, Kitty is studying online to get her lawyer's degree. She'll get me off.


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