On The Road Again

Kitty happened to be over the other day. She's one of the Trouble Busters, which is my investigative service. Kitty wears pin curls in her hair almost all the time, sits with her legs spread even in a dress, and is studying to be a lawyer in some online program she found. Anyway, we were listening to my police scanner when we heard an item come over the airwaves. A dog in Marquette was running wild with a large boot in his mouth. The police corralled him and returned him to his owner.

"What about the boot?" Kitty wanted to know.
"What about it?"
"Where did the dog get a boot? They aren't usually scattered along the street for anybody to pick up. Most boots are in closets or on somebody's feet."
I saw where she was going. "He could have taken it off a dead body."
"Let's go."
And that's how we found ourselves on the open road in the Trouble Buster truck, headed for the top of the Michigan Upper Peninsula.

(to be continued)



Anonymous said...

Gertie, your post made me suck in my breath in excitement . . . and worry. You and Kitty better be careful out there!

Bill B said...

Was is a Sorrel? An engineer boot? A hikin' boot? Man, you've got me interested now. Go Gertie!

Karen McQ. said...

"studying to be a lawyer in some online program"--ha! Too funny.