Cast Your Vote

Now that the UP200 sled dog race and the Trenary Outhouse Classic are behind us. It's on to more important topics like deer.

This ten-month old albino deer lives at City Park in Iron Mountain and needs a name. You can cast your vote here. The winning name will be announced on Monday.

Here are some of the top runners:

Snowflake, Snowball, Bianco, Frosty, Blanco, Casper, Blizzard, Snow White
Here are a few that didn't make the short list:

Lansing, Mackinaw, Puff Ball, Goose, Krackerjack, Roger Rabbit, Bambie, Yooper

This is the main topic of conversation down at Herb's Bar. We're laying bets.

You have until Sunday. Go to it.


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