"Haul Your Arse to the Sweetest 16th Ever"

Who says we don't know how to party in the Michigan Upper Peninsula?? Last weekend was the UP200 dog sled race. What an exciting time. And this weekend is the annual Trenary Outhouse Classic. This event is a race, too, only a little different. You still have time to register and race. Here are the rules:

Make a homemade outhouse out of whatever you want.
Put it on skis.
Add a toilet seat.
And a roll of toilet paper.

That's it. Now grab your best friend because you'll need two of you and get ready to push that thing down Main Street. The fastest pushers win first place.

To see some great photos of past outhouses, go here.
So take care of that cabin fever. See you there.


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Bill B said...

Gotta love the labels on this post! :-)