Hats off to...no way, eh?

Men in the Michigan Upper Peninsula love their guns. They also love their hats. A Wisconsinite I know complained that a visiting Yooper wore his ball cap right into a fancy restaurant and never took it off the entire night.

That's one of ours all right.

Our men will wear any kind of hat or cap they can get their hands on, but the real, honest to goodness U.P. cap was created way back in 1903 by Stormy Kromer's wife and it's still selling strong. It all started when Stormy asked her to modify a ball cap to handle the cold weather. That was one smart woman because the company sold 75,000 of them just last year.
The Lions Club winter banquet is coming up this weekend and I can guarantee you there won't be a bare male head in the whole place. Which suits the ladies just fine. We think it's kind of sexy.


Bill B said...

So, how do you keep your head warm, Gertie? And, is it OK for a guy to wear his stormy inside the house?

Gertie said...

Wearing your headgear in the house is A-ok. Absolutely. I wear a Herb's Bar blaze orange cap during our hunting seasons, which seem to roll from one to the next.