Cudighi, eh?

The entire Johnson family will be in Negaunee on Saturday for the Knights of Columbus cudighi sandwich night. Cudighi (coo-dih-gee) is a spicy sausage sandwich served on a hoagi with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. It was invented by an Italian immigrant who settled in Ishpeming, which is in Yooperland, and you can’t find them anyplace outside of the Michigan Upper Peninsula except Green Bay, which is our Packer mecca.

Here’s what we all have to say about them:

Holy wah, dem cudighi are good, eh?

If you miss this important event, here are some places to get one any old time:

The Hideaway (Gwinn, MI)
Ralph's Italian Deli (Ishpeming, MI)
U.P. Chuck's Bar (Kenton, MI)
Rodney's Pizza (Gwinn, MI)
Thunder Bay Inn (Big Bay, MI)
Wayside Bar (Ishpeming, MI)
Lawry's Pasties (Ishpeming, MI)
Tino's Pizza (Negaunee, MI)
Vango's (Marquette, MI)
Congress Pizza (Ishpeming, MI)
Irene's Pizza (Baraga, MI)
Villa Capri (Marquette, MI)
Pasquali's (Negaunee, MI)
Pasty Land (Green Bay, WI)
Gay Bar (Gay, MI)
Buck's Restaurant (Ishpeming, MI)
Jasper Ridge Brewery (Ishpeming, MI)
Ambassador Bar (Houghton, MI)



Bill B said...

Man, why do I torture myself reading your entries, Gertie? My favorite haunts for years -- the Villa, Vangos, the Congress, and one of the best places on earth, metropolitan Big Bay. ~sigh~ Actually, reading about 'em makes me smile. No cudighi out here tho. Please enjoy an extra one for me and the other Yooper ex-pats around the globe, Gertie!

Anonymous said...

If you're in the Gwinn area another good place for Cudighi is my cousin's bar, The Hideaway just about a mile north of Gwinn on M35.
Paul makes his own and it's REAL good especially with a nice cold beer. Try some of his beer batter fries with it. And if you're either too young or just don't want a beer try a frosty mug of his draft rootbeer.
Some of the best eats in the world are in the UP!
If you go there tell him his cousin Bill from Chicago sent you!

Deb Baker said...

Hi, Bill from Chicago. I've added Paul's place to the list. Hope to be up there in a month or two and will stop in for sure.

nick n deb baker said...

I googled Cudighi because I saw it on a restaurant menu in Kalamazoo, MI! Pasta Pasta in downtown Kalamazoo serves it there! Now that i know what it is, I will make sure to order it next time! (: