Yooper Resolutions

My family and friends take the new year seriously. We have a lot of short, cold days to ponder the future. Here are some of our resolutions:

Cora Mae (my best friend) - "I'm going to get serious about my love life once and for all. No more dating every eligible bachelor and widower in Tamarack County unless they have commitment potential. That's going to narrow the field way down."

Blaze (my son, recovering from meningitis) - "I'm going to get my sheriffing job back just as soon as I can."

Kitty (my other best friend) - "Gertie and I are going to take back up our fancy word contest now that I'm out of the hospital after she almost caused me to be killed. And I'm going to beat her once and for all."

Grandma Johnson (my live-in mother-in-law) - "I'm gittin' my own place. Can't stand that dog Gertie drug into the house not to mention that man-hungry Cora Mae that's always hanging around."

George (my man) - "I'm going to take more hot and steamy saunas with Gertie. I see you blushing over there, honey."

Fred (my dog) - Fred can't talk but if he could, he'd tell us he's going to finally come out on top with the guinea hens that chase him around.

Me? I'm going to expand my Trouble Buster business and try to make a few bucks (as in cash) at it. And I'm going to help Grandma Johnson look for another place to live ASAP.



Bill B said...

YES, Grandma Johnson!! You go, girl! And right on, George! Makes me want to build a sauna (that's SOW-na, now!) and do the same with my wife of 32 years. And right-on, Fred! I mean, are you a dog or a mouse? Great resolutions all around! Thanks for sharing (I'm taking George's as a suggestion).

Deb Baker said...

My father gave my brother (12 years old at the time) a box of matches and told him to burn the brush next to the sauna (SOW-na is right!). Why aren't we surprised to learn that he burnt the sauna down!

Bill B said...

Too funny (NOW, of course)! Now THAT sounds like a good story! I did something similar when told to burn some trash when I was about that age. Didn't burn any buildings, but almost!