Thinking Spring

Now is the time for all you hard-core vegetable gardeners to order your seeds. I'm assuming you've been pouring over the seed catalogues for weeks, marking your favorites. It's no secret that those of us hardy enough to survive the Michigan Upper Peninsula like to live off the land. This year I'm planting:
  • spring stuff - lettuce (that gourmet blend with different colors and textures that get stuck in Grandma Johnson's new teeth), radishes, peas.
  • beans, cukes, onions.
  • root vegetables like beets, carrots, and potatoes that grow so big in our rich soil.
  • Squash and pumpkins.
  • And what we all love the most. TOMATOES. Beefsteaks, Romas because I can pop them in the freeze just as they are, and a new sweet seedless tomato just for fun.

If you haven't ordered, you better hurry before the best is gone. Check out the special deals at Burpee's or Gurney's.

I can't wait until St. Patrick's day when I fill my milk cartons with soil and plant those tomato seeds.



Bill B said...

Now you're getting me fired up for spring! That's one little thing I do like in the PacNW over the U.P. -- digging in the garden in January, and seeing rhodies start to bloom at the end of February. Good luck with your tomato starts -- I hope you have a great crop (they're the best!).

Gertie said...

You have to be pulling my leg. Digging in the garden in January? You lucky duck.

Bill B said...

No leg-pulling today. But I do miss getting ready for the UP200.