Deep Freeze

Schools are closed today. We're dipping right into the deep freezer and closing the lid. Brrrrr. No one is in a big rush to go anyplace. We adults don't think much of the frozen tundra, but the kids...they woke up this morning to a free day. Time to stay in their pjs, watch cartoons, and make a lot of noise. I'm right there with them, wearing my robe, a pair of wool socks, cupping hot coffee in my hands, and watching wildlife come in for corn. The turkeys don't seem to know or care about the temperature. How do they stay alive? Aren't their feet freezing off? Why isn't this big Tom's hot breath rising in the chill? Questions I'll never have answers for. My advice is:

  • Take it easy today if you can.
  • Slow down.
  • Smell the coffee.
  • Read a good book.
  • Watch movies back to back.
  • Indulge.


1 comment:

Bill B said...

OK Gertie, you twisted my arm -- I'll take it easy, slow down, and indulge today! But it's not so cold here. My heart goes out to you, though -- wear a nose-warmer outside today. And now you've got me wondering about those turkeys ...