The U.P.'s Favorite Holiday Starts With a Bang

The start of deer hunting season is such a big event in the U.P. it deserves two posts in a row. My son Blaze's trigger finger is twitching, hardly able to wait for that moment at sunrise tomorrow. He and his buddies will be entrenched in their hunting blinds long before any light is visible. As I mentioned before, I'm not a hunter. While I enjoy all the excitement filling these days, I have a blind for a completely different purpose.

Years ago, I started using the hunting blind as a retreat from my family (sound familiar guys?). And now with Grandma Johnson living in my house and no signs that she's getting ready to leave, the blind is still my favorite place.

Tomorrow, I'll take my rifle (strictly a prop), plop on my hunter's orange gear, stick a mystery book under my jacket along with some snacks, and head out into the woods. The air will be crisp so I'll start the space heater, then I'll throw corn and apples out in case any critters are hungry, then I'll settle back in my easy chair for some personal time. Reading, watching, napping.

I probably won't see any deer since they know exactly what day it is and will change their patterns, but blue jays will visit and maybe turkeys. I might even finish the whole book. Yes, the hunting blind. My retreat.


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Bill B said...

The hunting blind retreat -- what a GREAT (patentable?) idea, Gertie! And you're right, those white-tails seem to have a very effective grapevine when it comes to disappearing on November 15th.