Snowing Cats and Dogs

It might be raining cats and dogs where you live, but up here in the U.P. it's snowing cats and dogs. I love winter and this snow has me thinking about a few of my favorite winter events.

One of them is the UP200 sled dog race. That's Deb Baker in the picture. She doesn't run in the event but likes to show up and help out and watch. If you are in our neck of the woods on February 20th, don't miss the start right in downtown Marquette. I'll remind you again later.

Another is the Trenary Outhouse Classic on February 28th. Blaze and Mary already are scheming and planning to win this time. They'll mount their outhouse on skiis and they will have to push it 500 feet down the street and they'll have to do it faster than anybody else. So they better build it light.

I know you're as excited as I am! You don't have to tell a Yooper how to dress, but if you're a troll (from under the Mackinac Bridge, aka Lower Michigan) or from any other state south of us, you better plan well because it's a bit brisk.

Grandma Johnson is sweeping snow from the porch with a broom and she's eyeing up my dog, Fred. They don't get along and she likes to swat him when I'm not looking. Gotta go.


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Bill B said...

I'm afraid I'll have to miss the UP200 this year. It's all the behind-the-scenes stuff that's really fun! Good luck to Blaze & Mary on that outhouse. And for cryin' out loud, keep Fred away from Grandma J!