Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

A Yooper didn't take this picture. You can tell because of the background. Green grass is a dead givaway. We're buried under a pile of snow, which is just how the hunters like it.

My neighbor down the road likes to hunt, but to really mix things up, he has a pet deer. Yup. He found Doey when she was a tiny little thing and he raised her. Now he's worried that someone will shoot her even though she's inside a high fence right next to the house. A distinct possibility. So we dressed Doey up in a blaze orange coat (modified, of course, thanks to Kitty's fine sewing skills).

Doey's a peach.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't spend all your dough (the paper kind) this weekend.


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Bill B said...

What a great photo, Gertie! Somebody in the land of green grass has Photoshop skills! Doey has almost made it through gun season ... hang in there! It'll be great if you can post a pic of her.