Happy Halloween

These little guys are mummy hotdogs.
I'm busy cooking and baking for George's Halloween party tonight.
Here the lineup:

George has tipped me off that he is going as Indian Jones. What a hunk!

Cora Mae is a Geisha.

Kitty's a tavern wench.

Blaze is going as the Joker. I'll paint his face white, his eyes black, and give him a scary wide red mouth.

Grandma Johnson could go as herself and scare the dickens out of everyone, but she's doing the second best. A witch.

Me? I'll be a female vampire and set my fangs on George.

Have a great time yourself.



Bill B said...

What a nice surprise ... what I thought was junk email was actually a -- well, I guess it WAS a newsletter, but certainly not junk -- and from my favorite late-blooming published author! Yee hah! Yoopers seem to be few & far between here (Seattle), although I came across an Ishpatoon on the Microsoft campus. Your blog is great. I can send folks the link and they get a notion of what the UP is all about from your posts ... not to mention that they'll eventually order a book or two! I'm coming back to Marquette for a visit next week ... maybe I'll look Gertie up.

Deb Baker said...

Hey Bill, Marquette is one fine city, but you're too late for the fall colors. Ishpatoon? LOL. That's what they call Ishpemingers?

Bill B said...

Ishpemingers? ISHPEMINGERS? omg, that's great! I'll bring that one up at Moyle's annual dogsled party just before the UP200 ... most of the people there are -- well, OK, let's say "Ishpemingites" (they really do say 'Ishpatoons'!). And you knew it, I do miss those fall colors (hard to top Brockway Mountain Drive), but I'm actually watching yellow leaves blow off the trees as I type this ... there's just not as many rich, beautiful colors as in the UP. I hope you enjoy it -- & that you keep making the UP the backdrop for your stories!

Anonymous said...

Deb, I've been out of touch lately. Thanks for your email - I really enjoyed it.

By the way, my mom borrowed my copy of Murder Talks Turkey and absolutely loved it! I knew she would.

I don't know if the 10 summers and numerous other weekends and vacations I spent qualify me as a true Yooper - but I feel like I am one at heart. I've pretty much taken in the entire UP except the extreme northwest corner. Whenever I am "up north" I feel more at home than anywhere else I've ever been. There's something about the very ground and the air itself that is special - not to mention the people.

Anyway, I so enjoy your books and this blog - and your e-newsletter, too. Thank you for including me!

Bill B said...

Forgive me if this is a duplicate comment ... my last one seemed to have not gotten published. I just wanted to tell Scrappy Kay: with your notion "...I feel like I am one at heart" you've answered your question about being a Yooper. A friend in Vermont had told of a conversation with a neighbor while hunkered in the yard: "Ed, I've only lived here 17 years, so I konw you don't consider me a native. But all 3 of my daughters were born here, so that makes them genuine Vermonters, right?" The elderly neighbor responded, "If ya' cat had kittens in the oven, wouldya call 'em BISCUITS?!"

Anonymous said...

Bill, I love that comment! There is that tired old adage about home being where the heart is - so yes, I guess I did answer my own question.

Enjoy your trip to Marquette, and safe travels to you.

Deb Baker said...

Bill has a way with words. Well put. Kay, dear, you are forever more a Yooper.