Creativity and Noise

Boy it's been a while since I posted. The weather has been absolutely perfect, so I've been outside as much as possible. Clipping back the spent flowers, breathing in the crispness of a fine fall day, and in general goofing off.

I've also been thinking about life and directions and ideas for stories. I have more stories running around in my head than I know what to do with and it's because of nature. Any time I find myself in a creative rut, I turn off all the noise and start listening to life outside. The bees, birds, crickets, frogs, and the quiet of a breeze through the trees are the best things in life. Then I take a long walk. And it all comes rushing in. Not only murder plots for my who-done-its, but answers to current problems, big and small.

How can new thoughts find their way to the foreground when we are immersed in constant sound? Between watching football, baseball, the presidential debates, and the talking heads, my television could be going nonstop. When I get in my truck, I could turn on the radio. But I don't. Chatter has become such a constant in our lives, we have to get used to living without it in small steps. But it's worth it.

Just for me, turn it off for a few minutes. What do you hear?


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