An Apple A Day

This picture came from Deb Baker's new apple orchard at her place in the Michigan U.P. She has several different varieties but you're viewing a courtland tree, which bears my favorite apple. In fact, in my books I have a money box buried under a tree just like this (security against a failing government).

The Yoopers haven't been affected by the bad economy as much as some, because we're so self-sufficient. Gas and food prices are up but we make do. This weekend, we'll pick the apples from the trees and get to work. Grandma Johnson will core a batch and bake them with brown sugar and butter. I'll slice rounds and pop them in the dehydrator for dried apples. And Cora Mae and Kitty will whip up the biggest pot of apple sauce you'll ever see.

If we have nothing else through the winter, we'll have apples.


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