Walking the Mackinac Bridge

The Mackinac Bridge, all five miles of it, connects Lower and Upper Michigan. Every Labor Day for the last fifty years people have gathered to walk the length of it. This year 40,000 of us from all over the world joined together for this annual event. 7am. The sunrise was unbelievable. The weather was perfect. Kitty, Cora Mae, and I started out on our side of the bridge in St. Ignace with the rest of the pack.

We'd barely begun when Cora Mae started complaining that her feet were killing her. She never did learn to wear the proper attire. Her shoes were all wrong - little spiky, strappy things designed for footsy, not walking. Thinking back over some of our surveillance runs and my wasted efforts to offer sound advice, I knew it was no use telling her what she should have worn. Cora Mae ended up waiting for us in St. Ignace.

Kitty had sugar donuts and a large thermos of coffee in a backpack slung across her shoulders and a big cup of coffee in her hand. I mentioned the important fact that there weren't any rest stops (as in bathrooms) on the bridge but she didn't care at that moment. She cared later when her load became too much to carry and well...at her urging I went on and she headed back, convinced that she was closer to the U.P. side than the Lower. I thought it was a horse apiece.

So that's how I ended up walking the Mackinac Bridge by myself, not really alone considering the masses of people but without the chatter, laughter, and griping of my friends. With Lake Michigan on one side of me and Lake Huron on the other, with the early morning sun warming me and seagulls flying overhead, it turned out to be one of my best crossings.

Oh, by the way, for those of you not from these parts, Mackinac is pronounced MACK-in-aw.

Have a great day,



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Sandra08081998 said...

Just finished Murder Talks Turkey and loved it. I'm originally from Michigan and love the UP as well. Mackinac is one of my favorite places to visit. It is so pretty there. Can't wait for the next Yooper mystery.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading my book! Isn't Mackinac romantic and exciting?