Bug War

No, these aren't turkeys. They're guinea fowl. How could I manage without them? Up here in the Michigan Upper Peninsula we have bugs bigger than you would believe. And they attack our gardens, feeding on the tomatos, gathering along the stems and vines of the cukes and peppers, snacking away. That's where my guinea hens come in. They love to eat bugs, especially the ones that hurt my vegetable garden. My hens think Japanese beetles are M&Ms. Aphids look out! Since guinea hens don't scratch like chickens, they leave my garden in the same shape they found it, minus the pests. They even eat ticks, and I hate ticks.

But they come with their own set of problems. These girls are a noisy bunch, making racket all the time, cackling and shrieking. You won't need a watch dog, because they are the perfect alarm system. And they have minds of their own, even though there isn't much in there. Guineas are free-rangers and you can't keep them constrained. I started mine as keets (babies) and worked hard to get them to stay put. But you know all this, if you've read my books.

Aren't they cute? Okay, maybe not, but they're my army in the battle against the bugs.



Helen Ginger said...

Oh, I dunno, they're sorta cute. And I would think the noise would be worth putting up with for all that they do!

The only thing we have in our garden is rabbits, but we don't try to stop them, even though they eat what they want. We figure we've got enough to go around and so far the family has stayed pretty small and been living in our pampas grass for years.

Anonymous said...

I like your attitude toward critters! The deer help themselves, too.


Anonymous said...

I like guinea hens! We live in rural Ohio; my neighbor has quite a few guineas and apparently we have something they like to eat in OUR yard; they come over almost every day and seem to have quite a feast. They are definitely welcome over here.