August's Meteor Shower

Early this morning in the wee hours, I drove over to my friend Cora Mae's house and dragged her out of bed. She crabbed all the way back to my house, with her hair smashed against the sides of her head and with one eye still closed. Cora Mae stopped complaining after she plopped down in a lawn chair behind the sauna, because our annual meteor shower was zinging at us so fast we couldn't find words to express the wonder. A little later when the meteor activity died down, I feed my friend scrambled eggs with a little chives from the garden mixed in. Then we dunked Trenary toast in our coffee.

You might have missed the peak, but there's still action to be found tonight. Did anyone else see it? And what about those green and red ribbons of light waving through the sky? As a special treat the aurora borealis gave us a light show. Right now Cora Mae's sound asleep in my bed. I'm staying up to feed the guinea hens and keep the images alive.


Helen Ginger said...

That sounds fabulous! Is that a picture you took?

Nothing like that down here in Texas, I assure you. I envy Cora Mae.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could take a picture like this, but I can barely handle a cell phone. Come visit sometime. I have more to show you.